BR4 Trade is the exclusive partner and distributor of world-renowned Brazilian brands in the food industry in Canada. We specialize in unique and hard to find items that bring to your home both the unparalleled flavour and quality that the Brazilian cuisine has to offer.

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Organic 7 Grains - 250g

Organic 7 Grains – 250g

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With a high nutritional value, the Organic 7 grains is composed by Wholegrain Organic Rice, Red Organic Rice, White Organic Quinoa, Black Organic Quinoa, Red Organic Quinoa, Organic Flaxseed and Organic Chia. It can be used in preparations such as soups, risottos and salads, adding much more flavor and healthiness to your dishes.


For over 20 years Vapza’s products have been bringing more convenience to your meals. Now Vapza is proud to introduce organic versions of our popular grains.


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Additional information

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