BR4 Trade is the exclusive partner and distributor of world-renowned Brazilian brands in the food industry in Canada. We specialize in unique and hard to find items that bring to your home both the unparalleled flavour and quality that the Brazilian cuisine has to offer.

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VAPZA is a pioneer and innovative company specialized in food products with a high level of convenience and quality.

In the market since 1995, Vapza produces vacuum-sealed and steam-cooked foods, offering practicality and speed in the preparation of healthy, safe and tasty dishes.

Raw materials are selected and certified by specialized technical staff, in accordance to BRC’s food safety standards. Products are steam cooked inside their packaging, preserving all nutritional properties.

Products maintain their original flavour, with packaging that allows for storage without refrigeration. This allows for efficiency and convenience when preparing healthy meals.

Vapza Products are available in four different lines as follows:

1. The Final Touch Is Yours – Convenient and tasty products, in 2 portions of 250g each, fully cooked, without seasoning.

2. Ready to Eat – Practical and yummy alternatives for a quick and healthy meal. Just heat it up and you’re ready! Light seasoning.

3. Single – A smaller portion of “The Final Touch is Yours” product line. Packages with 250g. No seasoning.

4. Organic – Certified Organic products, fully cooked and nutritious, use all your creativity in the kitchen! No seasoning.

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