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Cheese Rolls Mezze Board

Pão de Queijo Mezze Board

Total Time: 20 minutes

Breaking Down Canada’s Anemic FSR Market

It’s no secret the restaurant industry in Canada is undergoing a period of mediocre growth. Today’s operators are navigating a challenging environment whereby stealing share is the only real way to achieve growth. And while total foodservice has experienced anemic growth over the last five-plus years, it’s been a particularly challenging few years for full-service restaurants in Canada. Overall, traffic at FSR continues to decline year-over-year, down 141 million visits compared to 2012. Dollars are also down on the year and have been relatively flat since 2012. While the mid- to long-term trend has been negative, the short-term trend has also been lacklustre. Traffic is down three per cent year-over-year in 2016 and dollar growth is failing to keep pace with inflation (a decrease of two per cent compared to last year). Further compounding this challenging marketing is the fact that Average Daily Penetration is the lowest it’s been in […]

Tasty Twists on Holiday Classic: Forno de Minas ‘Brazilian Cheese Roll’

Looking to add a little pizazz to your palate this holiday? Look no further than Forno de Minas the international brand behind the authentic Pão de Queijo “Brazilian bites for cheese lovers.” Created in Brazil’s heartland, these tasty morsels are not only incredibly versatile, but also hugely convenient since they cook up in the oven in just five minutes flat. Forno recently expanded its presence in the U.S. market and I expect their delectable Pão de Queijo to become a staple item in all kinds of homes—those with families, foodies, finicky eaters, fine chefs and all who appreciate good eats in between. Forno’s Pão de Queijo—or cheese roll in Portuguese—is an easily prepared, adaptable offering that serves as a snack, a breakfast item, a party plate, a side dish and even a dessert pairing. In addition, Forno’s Pão de Queijo is a favorite of health-conscious consumers, as the cheese rolls […]

Pão de Queijo and Clam Chowder

Pão de queijo is the history of Brazil in a moreish cheese snack

Sarah Gilbert – The Guardian – 25JUN17 At almost every Brazilian gathering you’ll find pão de queijo (pronounced pow-ge-kay-ju) on the table: small golden cheese balls with a crunchy crust, a light, fluffy centre and a slightly tart flavour. They are similar to French gougère but are naturally gluten free. Its culinary roots can almost certainly be traced back to the landlocked state of Minas Gerais in south-east Brazil. It’s thought that the indigenous Guaraní peoples pounded native cassava, otherwise known as yuca or manioc, to make basic bread long before the arrival of the Portuguese in 1500. When the colonisers settled in Minas, bringing with them African slaves – the colonial capital Ouro Preto was at the heart of the Brazilian gold rush – they discovered that the land wasn’t suitable for cultivating grains like wheat, and turned to this hardy, starchy tuber. Like bitter almonds, cassava root contains cyanide and rendering it edible […]

Ham and Cheese Bites

So easy and so delicious !!!

Forno de Minas Cheese Rolls and Dips

Try Forno de Minas Cheese Rolls with your favourite dip. Here we have a few yummy suggestions for you!

Easy Cheese Rolls Mini Sandwiches

For your Sunday Brunch or that special afternoon snack, just cut a Large Forno de Minas Cheese Roll in half, spread butter, add slices of your favourite cold cut and cheese. You may also add a hint of mustard or a drop of pesto sauce for added flavour. Voilá !!!